Ministry Tracker is shutting down on June 30, 2023 and is being migrated into the Servant Keeper platform. Contact Servant Keeper at 800-773-7570 (option 1) to initiate the process as soon as possible. See the Migration FAQs for further details.

Security & Privacy

To make sure you can focus entirely on ministry, we manage the technology, including backups, security, and firewalls,. Your information is private and will never be used for marketing or research or sold to another company.

Data Integrity & Security

We protect your data using the following security measures:

  • Complete 256-bit SSL encryption for all data crossing the internet
  • PCI (Payment Card Industry) approval and certification for financial data
  • Secured firewalls for all servers
  • Regular scanning by a 3rd party for over 66,956 known vulnerabilities
  • Real-time database backups
  • RAID 1, complete data-mirroring disk storage for all drives
  • 2048-bit AES encryption for financial information
  • Secure programming and code-writing techniques

Backup and Recovery

We are obsessive about backing up your data—proactive versus reactive. Have you ever lost data on your computer, phone, or camera? It can cost many hours and thousands of dollars to recover data from a damaged hard drive or memory card. We have implemented systems that provide real-time backups of all customer data. In the event of a power failure, our generators will keep the site running until power is restored. These plans help alleviate the high time and monetary cost of data loss and recovery.


For a small fee we will carefully import your current data into Ministry Tracker for you. We charge $50.00 for the first half hour of work, and then $100.00 per hour after that. 85 percent of imports fall within the $50.00 range, but we’ll give you a final estimate after seeing your files. Email or call us at at 1-888-634-2038 to get started. We will eventually request that you email an Excel or CSV file directly to and provide us with:

  • Your organization’s web address
  • The database where you want your information imported
  • The roles you would like individuals to have, such as staff, volunteer, parent, student, or other.
  • And any other information you feel inclined to provide.

Detailed Features

256-bit SSL encryption We use twice the industry standard encryption to make sure that your private data stays private.
Offsite data backup Data is backed up multiple times daily to a secure offsite location.