Ministry Tracker is shutting down on June 30, 2023 and is being migrated into the Servant Keeper platform. To prevent impacts to your Ministry Tracker data, contact Servant Keeper today at 800-773-7570 or email us at See the Migration FAQs for further details.

Members & Families

Create people profiles and track all important information and dates, such as birthdays, anniversaries, spiritual commitments, and more. Link people to one or more families and share family contact information. In short: do as little data entry as possible, and let the system work for you.


Securely store your members' contact information, medical information, and almost anything else you can think of. Create your own custom fields if you need to track something we haven't already included for you. Secure access to a member's information is right at your fingertips from any device.


Group individual people together in one or more families to make data entry easy. Share their contact information in a single family record, and include family roles and a photo. Create family directories and communicate easily with mailing labels created for each family.

Member Portal

Allow members to create and update their own contact information, access the online member directory, view the church calendar, and register for events. Members can even give online using credit cards or banking accounts. Their giving records sync with their profile and your organization’s financial information and tax  receipts.

Detailed Features

Pictures Include pictures for your members. Upload pictures from your desktop, take them directly on your mobile device, use a Webcam at a check-in station, or link a member to their Facebook profile to use their Facebook profile picture.
Important dates Track dates like birthdays, anniversaries, start dates, baptisms, confirmations, first communions, and other spiritual commitments and stages. Birthdays and anniversaries are easily viewable on the church calendar as well.
Custom ID numbers Every person automatically receives a Ministry Tracker ID number in our system, but you can also choose Custom ID numbers.
Role selection Select an individual’s role, such as staff, volunteer, parent, student, or other. You can assign multiple roles to an individual, as well as a family role if the person is added to a family.
Link to Facebook Link your Facebook profile to your staff account, and then match your members to their Facebook profiles.
Stages Place people into stages you define so you can track their progress through your ministry’s development plan.
Assigned people Assign individuals to a staff or volunteer so that you can track how often they are in touch, monitoring the relationship and its growth.
Commitments Record any significant commitments made by a person. You define the commitment types and then assign them accordingly.
Contacts Record any contact that staff or volunteers have with an individual (such as grabbing coffee or meeting for counseling).
Event attendance Update an individual’s attendance directly from their profile, see their average attendance, or filter your results by event.
Active/Inactive Easily mark people as inactive from their profile so that you can maintain their information for your records without necessarily keeping track of data that isn’t changing.
Notes Use multiple fields for storing notes on individuals. Fields are even searchable for creating Smart Groups, so you can form groups based on very specific criteria (like everyone who has “plays an instrument” written in their notes).
Family information Store family information such as parents’ names, home address, and phone numbers. Once family members are connected in the system, they use this shared data as their own.
Family photos Include a family photo to appear in the family directory.
Multi-database access If your organization is using multiple databases for their account, a family’s information will always be available regardless of the database you are working in.
Head of household With the head of household permission, your members can login to the member portal and make updates to their family’s information. This person is also designated as a family’s primary contact.
Staff access Give staff and volunteers their own usernames and passwords to login to Ministry Tracker. There is no limit to the number of staff you can add.
Staff permissions and databases Limit staff access to specific records or tabs. Assign viewing, editing, and deleting privileges to keep information safe. If you have staff that need access to multiple databases, you can set their permissions accordingly.
Background checks Order background checks for staff and volunteers directly from their profiles. Once the report is available, it will display on their profile.
Online directory Since the online directory is accessible through the member portal, anyone with access can use it to get in touch with others, thus fostering community.
Member portal permissions Limit what information can be viewed and edited within the member portal.
Account links Each individual receives an individual account link they can use to access the member portal for the first time and create a username and password.
Schools and churches Input a list of local schools and churches and attach people to them so that you can create reports or groups from that criteria.