Financial Management

Ministry Tracker is great for tracking input and output for your organization’s financial data. You can set monthly or annual budgets, track goals toward specific categories, create pledge goals for your members, track manual and online giving, and easily print and distribute annual tax receipts for year-end tax purposes.

Budgeting and Pledge Drives

Use monthly or annual budgeting tools to track standard income and expense transactions for your organization. Once your budget categories are set up, you can set up pledge amounts. Easily manage pledges and contact givers to keep your goal in sight.

Online Giving

Online giving is integrated directly into Ministry Tracker, creating a seamless giving experience for your donors. Low rates will save you money and ensure your givers feel confident their gifts are going to the right place. Transactions are linked to your member profiles, so giving statements and tax receipts are a breeze. Your members can give online via mobile, desktop, or even via text message with Text-to-Give.

Ministry Tracker’s giving is just 2.5% plus 30¢ per credit card transaction and just 1.0% plus 30¢ for ACH transactions, without any additional transaction or monthly fees. Funds are deposited directly into your bank account within 2-3 business days. With Ministry Tracker, giving is easier than ever.

Our personalized customer success managers will guide you through every step of activating online giving at your church. Our detailed getting started guide and messaging templates give you the tools to start communicating with your donors in no time. And as always,we're here to help every step of the way.

Manual Giving

Some people prefer to give tangibly at church. You can easily input transactional information for these kinds of gifts, including:

  • Fund designation (e.g. normal tithe, deacon fund, or pledge drive)
  • Payment type
  • Family or individual gift
  • Tax-exempt status

From there, simply reconcile your gifts against your deposit totals.

Tax Receipts

At the end of the year you can easily prepare and distribute receipts for tax-exempt gifts. It’s much faster and cheaper to email receipts, but we do format them to a windowed #10 envelope for convenient hard-copy mailing as well. No more matching up receipts to envelopes or any hassle—just paste the postage and put them in the mailbox, and you are done.