Ministry Tracker is shutting down on June 30, 2023 and is being migrated into the Servant Keeper platform. To prevent impacts to your Ministry Tracker data, contact Servant Keeper today at 800-773-7570 or email us at See the Migration FAQs for further details.

Events & Attendance

Easily manage events and track attendance to keep yourself organized and informed. An interactive calendar allows you to drag and drop single, multi-day, and repeating events, and attendance tools allow you to easily check people in and create attendance reports after your events.


Whether it’s a weekly repeating event or one-time special event, it’s useful to be able to take attendance, allow online registration, and share your events. You can use our calendar to view and manage events by day, week, or month.

Standard Sign-In℠

This feature is designed to be user-friendly yet secure. Attendance through our Standard Sign-In℠ is our most popular attendance tool. Record attendance for individuals or whole families in a matter of seconds. Add new attendees right from the sign-in screen, and Ministry Tracker will generate a list for follow-up. Use the attendance information to view statistics about your events so you can plan better for the future if need be.

Manual Attendance

For instances where internet is unavailable, we offer manual attendance sheets that you can print off for specific groups, including staff and volunteers. Use the manual event attendance to reconcile the data in Ministry Tracker at a later time.


Ministry Tracker lets members register for upcoming events and make payments towards those events through the member portal. Using the registration manager, you can designate the number of spaces available for an event, communicate with people that have registered, and get a payment summary to see how much is due per individual for an event.

Detailed Features

Standard Sign-In℠ Allow people to sign themselves in for events at a computer or tablet kiosk.
Name or barcode People can sign in by typing their name or scanning a barcode, depending on the mode you choose. They can even sign in a whole family by using the Family Name Mode.
Labels Use Standard Sign-In℠ with a Dymo Labelwriter to create name tags and security tags.
Text attendance People can text in their attendance to any event using proTXT℠. Designate a custom keyword for an event or use a system-generated keyword.
Netprint Sign in individuals from different kiosks to decrease line pressure, and have tags print from one location.
Shared calendar Embed your event calendar into your church website so that anyone can go there and see upcoming events.
Attendance sheets Print paper attendances sheets if needed, and use group filters to limit the individuals to specific groups so that they can be managed by group leaders.
Event statistics Generate statistics for any event with a simple click. Reports can show raw data or provide a visual overview of your totals.
Repeating events Create repeating events that will occur on specific days and times, and track statistics over a period of time for those events.
Registration Allow pre-event registration so you can plan for the total number of attendees. Track payments for event cost and maintain an active waiting list if there is a maximum attendance limit.
Online registration Allow individuals to register for upcoming events online from the member portal, including making payment. They can also register for an event via texting.
Event types Set up event types, and color code them so you can easily know what type of event is occurring on a specific day.
New students Easily add new students from a sign-in kiosk and automatically mark their attendance. You can even manage what information is required to set up a new profile.