Tracking what Matters to You

MinistryTracker is the best church management software that is both easy to use and affordable. We have been serving the church community for over 12 years with the best cutting edge technology to help you focus on ministry. When you can focus on ministry instead of administration, lives are changed. Let us be your partner in ministry with amazing customer service and superior tools at a cost that fits your budget.

All the best tools you need in one place

For as little as $37.50 a month, you can have all the tools that you need for ministry. Accessible on any internet connected device, you can update a prayer request at the hospital from your mobile phone, send an email alert from your tablet, or run financial reports on your desktop.

We've been told for years that our service is like none-other, but don't just take our word for it, read the testimonials from hundreds of satisfied customers from big and small churches around the world!

Do you need the best world-class communications like TXT and Email, online giving and member access, children's check-in labels, event attendance and more — it's all here so you never need to worry about syncing between multiple services again. You won't sacrifice features or quality by having do it all. In fact we lead the industry in several of these areas and our entire pacakage costs less than many other services do for performing just one function.

Key Features

Nothing to download or install

Unlimited access, staff accounts and person records

Church members can update their information and give online

Secure data with SSL encryption and realtime backups

Instant statistics help you see if you’re meeting your goals

Take attendance for events and secure child check-in

Easily communicate with mass Email, TXT, or Phone calls

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 Amazing Customer Service

We provide the best customer support in the industry. Talk to a real live person when you call and get your questions answered the first time. All our technical support is free as we don't believe you should ever have to pay to ask a question!

 Superior Tools

We provide the most functional tools for ministry using the latest and best technologies. While our competition has struggled to convert old Windows database software to be Web compatible, we started in the cloud and leverage cloud technology for everything from TXT messages and Voice Calling to our interoperability with standards such as iCal, RSS, vCard, and more.

 Affordable and Consistent Plans

We provide our services at a price any ministry can afford and that won't change as a ministry grows. We offer the best pricing for the features in the industry. Upfront pricing is clearly shown on our Web site and isn't related to how many members or administrators you have. Grow without worrying about pricing changes and know that once you're a subscriber your price plan will never increase — That's our price plan guarantee!

Thanks so much for Ministry Tracker! The more I use it, the more I can see it tightly integrating into what we're doing at our church, and being a huge benefit. It's like an administrative assistant!

Church Pastor