Tracking what Matters to You

Security & Privacy

Our mission is to help you, we will never share any of the student, staff, or family information you enter into our system. That information is yours, not ours. We protect that information with the utmost of security. Instead of you having to worry about backups, security, and firewalls, we manage all that technology for you. Your information is private and will never be used for marketing or research or sold to any other company.

Data Integrity & Security

  • Complete 256-bit SSL Encryption for all data crossing the internet.
  • PCI (Payment Card Industry) approval and certification for financial data.
  • Secured firewalls for all servers.
  • Regular scanning by a 3rd party for over 66,956 known vulnerabilities.
  • Trust Guard Certification for:
    • Security
    • Privacy
    • Business
  • Real-time database backups to multiple data centers.
  • RAID 1, complete data mirroring disk storage for all drives.
  • 2048 bit AES Encryption for financial information.
  • Secure programming and code writing techniques.

Backup and Recovery

We are obsessive about back-ups. Essentially this means we are proactive versus reactive. Have you ever lost data on your computer, phone, or camera? It can cost hundreds of hours or thousands of dollars to recover data off a damaged hard drive or memory card. We have implemented systems that provide real-time backup of all customer data, as well as minute-by-minute updates of staff workstations. In the event of a power failure our systems run for a few minutes then carefully shutdown. These plans help alleviate the high cost of data recovery and keep us from spending money recovering important data and the lost work time as a result.


We offer an import service and we treat that data with the utmost care during the import process. Our basic import price is $50.00 for the first one half hours worth of work, and then $100.00 per hour after that. 85% of imports fall within the $50.00 range, however we will need to see the file before we can give you a total price. You can email an Excel, or CSV file directly to and provide us with your organizations web address, the area you want your individuals imported into, and the role you would like the individuals to have, as well as any other information you feel inclined to provide.

Detailed Features Security

Feature Description
256 bit SSL Encryption We use twice the industry standard encryption to make sure that your private data stays private.
Trust Guard Certified Our transaction processing, security, and business information is independently tested and certified to meet or exceed the standards in the Payment Card Industry.
Trust Guard PCI Security In order for to qualify for the Security Scanned seal, we must pass a thorough quarterly scan of more than 66,956 known vulnerabilities, in accordance with PCI Security Standards. By successfully passing Trust Guard's quarterly PCI Scans, is able to significantly improve the safety and protection of your information.
Trust Guard Business Verified In order for to be Trust Guard Business Verified, we must undergo a thorough identification process, including: Address Verification - Our address is confirmed via fax or US Mail, using special verification processes - unique to Trust Guard. Email Verification - An email is sent and received to in order to confirm our support email address. Phone Verification - A phone call is placed to confirm the our phone number
Trust Guard Privacy Verified In order for to qualify for the Trust Guard Privacy Verified seal, our Privacy Policy is reviewed to ensure that we directly address: 3rd Party Disclosure - This statement discloses what information plans on disclosing to 3rd parties. Private Information Security - This statement informs you as to what type of security measures has in place to protect you, and what we do with your private information (IE. credit cards, social security numbers, etc.), after an order is placed. Email Usage - This statement refers to what type of email notifications may send you after an order is placed. Verified Merchant Authorize.Net is committed to providing its merchant customers with the highest level of transaction processing security, safeguarding customer information and combating fraud. More merchants trust Authorize.Net than any other payment gateway to process their ecommerce transactions securely.
Raid 1 Backup to Multiple Data Centers We mirror your data so that if something were to happen to one data center, your data is still available from another data center for use. That way you won't experience any issues while service is restored.