Tracking what Matters to You

Resources and Volunteer Scheduling

We know how important it is for organizations to be able to track resources and volunteers. MinistryTracker's intuitive scheduling tools make organizing volunteers and resources a snap.


Resources are available organization wide and are fully customizable. You can add AV Equipment, Vehicles, Rooms, Furniture, etc... This is an exciting feature because while these resources can be used as a stand alone feature, in the form of reservations, they can also be used directly in conjunction with the events calendar. Allowing you to assign resources directly to an instance of an event, or they can be added to a repeating event for continuous use. The resource manager will also take into account for scheduling or quantity conflicts and alert you to these conflicts.


A large number of organizations rely on volunteers to keep things running smoothly. With our volunteer scheduler you can assign people to certain events or create new reservations for them, and your volunteers and staff can even set their own availability for events so that you can be certain they are able to be scheduled. the system will alert you to any conflicts that may take place if a person is already scheduled at that time.


The Resource and Volunteer Calendar allows you to view your currently scheduled individuals and resources and communicate via TXT or Email with volunteers scheduled for those events. To add a new reservation simply drag a resource onto the calendar and drop it on the date you would like to schedule it, or drag it to an existing event. You can also add notes regarding the reservation directly from this page as well. on each Volunteers profile you will find a smaller version of this calendar where they can view the events that they are scheduled for.