Tracking what Matters to You


Often times you will want to look at a particular statistic across a period of time. Maybe you want to see the demographic that makes up your organization. Want to create a family directory and distribute to your church? We have all these types of reports available and ready to view.

People Reports

Maintaining strong ties to your congregation is important. People reports will let you see how long its been since a staff person contacted an individual, or the last time they came to an event. You can view reports on prayer requests, spiritual growth by stages and commitments people have made. Stay up to date with assignment reports for staff/volunteers that are mentoring others, and more.

Attendance Reports

Create attendance reports for your organization looking at specific event types, groups, grade levels, and other filters. Get statistics for attendance weekly, monthly, and annually. Communicate with individuals that haven't attended in a while to make sure that everything is going well in their spiritual walk.


Create people, group, and family directories from information stored in MinistryTracker, both for internal use or for distribution. Include photos, family role, addresses, phone numbers and more. You can even create directories based on an individuals role, or their membership status.

Labels & Envelopes

MinistryTracker will help save time and money when you want to mail a letter to your congregation. Print address labels to a standard printer, directly to a Dymo Labelwriter, or just print right on an envelope. Combine individuals at the same address so that duplicates are not created, choose how the address heading is formatted depending on your intended recipients.

Detailed Features Reports

Download Most reports can be downloaded in one form or another.
  • Excel spreadsheet.
  • JPEG, PNG, PDF or Vector file.
  • Financial Reports as QuickBooks IFF.
Address Formatting When creating a mailing for your organization choose whether to send to families or individuals. Merge recipients at the same address if acceptable.
Name Tags & ID Cards Create tag and card templates for your staff and members from a variety of common formats. Choose what information is included from an individuals profile on the template.
Data Files Download Excel files for call lists, and vCard contacts to be imported directly into your contact managers.
Advanced Search Create a custom report based on a combination of criteria from an individuals profile, their attendance, role and many other things.
Report Summary Summary of information related to people in your organization.