Tracking what Matters to You

Affordable Plans Designed for Ministry is committed to helping your church grow, prosper and do the best ministry possible. We are a ministry to you so our focus isn't on corporate earnings or paying high salaries to a leadership team. Our focus is ministry and as such our plans are the best value in the industry! Get the same all-in-one tools at MinistryTracker for thousands less than our expensive corporate competition.

No long-term Commitment Required

Choose from our monthly plans with no long term commitment, or for additional savings you can pay for a year in advance to save 17%. The choice is yours and we are flexible with whatever choice fits your schedule and budget.

Price Plan Guarantee The ONLY in the industry

We will never increase the price of your plan as long as you continue your service at the same plan. We have hundreds of ministries who signed up with us in 2004 and are still paying the same price as they did over 11 years ago. That's our guarantee to you! We won't raise your price as long as you continue your service on the same plan. Our competitors tease you with low rates for 6 months or a year and then dramatically increase your cost once you've spent hundreds of hours on data importing and training. We are different and guarantee your price plan for the life of your service on the same plan.

Automatically Renewing

All our plans renew automatically until you cancel so that your data is preserved and won't be lost. You don't need to worry about your invoice and if you happen to leave town or be out of reach your data will remain securely stored. We send email notifications prior to your renewals so you have ample time to make a decision about your next plan period.

Monthly Plans

Pick from a selection of our affordable Monthly plans. Save by including a TXT or Calling plan which reduces your per messaging costs significantly. Monthly plans are month-to-month and you may cancel at any time.

Areas Standard Plan w/Unlimited TXT w/ProTXT *
1 $44.99 $74.99 $69.99
2 $79.98 $109.98 $104.98
3 $112.47 $142.47 $137.47
4 $139.96 $169.96 $164.96

Yearly Plans Save 17%

Save even more by picking from our selection of Yearly plans. Yearly plans can save you up to 17% over the same monthly plan. Yearly plans are non-refundable. We pre-purchase your bandwidth, disk space usage and more and then pass the savings on to you. We can't refund a yearly plan if cancelled early because we have already paid for your services.

Areas Standard Plan w/Unlimited TXT w/ProTXT *
1 $449.00 $809.00 $749.00
2 $778.00 $1138.00 $1078.00
3 $1077.00 $1437.00 $1377.00
4 $1316.00 $1676.00 $1616.00
*ProTXT calling requires a one-time setup fee of $25 to secure your 10-digit telephone number. The setup fee is non-refundable. ProTXT is limited to 10,000 messages per month in order to comply with carrier rules and regulations. A number delisting fee may also apply when cancelling your number. Please see our terms of service.

Save 17%

Subscribe to our yearly plans and save 17%. We are able to save money by pre-purchasing many of your services so we pass along that savings to you!

What are Areas

An area is a separate database. Multiple databases are useful if you have a larger ministry because it allows you to have more separation between lists of people and events when a staff member logs in to work. For example, a staff member who works exclusively with your 800 member youth department (create a youth database area) may find it easier to see only the youth when they login. A staff member working exclusively with the adult ministry doesn't want to see all the youth names in their database either so they have an adult database area. Areas share families and can share events and people can be associate with one or more areas. You never have to duplicate a person as you can have a single person record that is associated with one or more areas. Many larger churches choose to subscribe to multiple areas but it is not necessary as much of the same functionality is available via groups. For more details about areas feel free to contact us at or 360-450-3542.