Tracking what Matters to You

Members & Families

Today's families are complicated and you need a system that's flexible and powerful enough to fit our ever changing times. Create people and track all their important information such as birthdates, anniversaries, life changing commitments and more. Link people to one or more families and share family contact information. Our goal is that you do as little data entry as possible and let the system work for you.


Securely store your members' contact information, medical information, and almost anything else you can think of. Create your own custom fields if you need to track something we haven't thought of already. Secure access to a member's information is right at your finger tips from any device.


Group individual people together in one or more families to make data entry easy. Share their contact information in a single family record and include family roles and even a family photo. Create family directories and communicate easily with mailing labels created for each family.

Member Portal

Allow your congregation to create and update their contact information, view the online member directory, view the church calendar and pay for and register for events. Your members can even give online using their checking, savings, or credit card and their gifts are tied right into their profile, the financial system, and your tax receipts.

Detailed Features Members & Families

Pictures Include pictures for your members. Upload pictures from your desktop, take them directly on your mobile device, use a Web cam at a check-in station, or link a member to their Facebook profile and use their Facebook profile picture.
Important Dates Track birthdates, anniversary dates, start dates, commitment dates, baptized and confirmed dates, first communion date, vistor and member dates, and the dates people enter your spiritual stages. Birthdates and anniversaries are easily viewable on the church calendar as well.
Custom ID Numbers Every person receives a MinistryTracker ID number in our system, but we support Custom ID numbers too so you can use your own numbers to identify people if you'd like.
Role Selection Select an individual role for your people: Staff, Volunteer, Person, Parent, or Student. You can assign multiple roles to an individual as well as a family role if the person is added to a family.
Link to Facebook Link your Facebook profile to your staff account and then match your members to their Facebook profiles.
Stages Place people into stages that you define so you can track progress through your organizations development plan.
Assigned People You can assign individuals to a staff or volunteer so that you can track that relationship and growth as well as the contacts your staff make with their assigned people.
Commitments Record any significant commitments made by the person. You define the commitment types and then assign them to people who make them in appointments or at events.
Contacts Record any contacts with an individual by any of your staff or volunteers.
Event Attendance Update an individuals attendance directly from their profile, allows for filtering of events and includes an attendance average
Active/Inactive Easily mark people as Inactive from their profile so that you can maintain their information for your records.
Notes We have included multiple fields that can be used to record notes for people, these fields are even searchable for creating Smart Groups.
Family Information Store family information such as parents names, home address and phone number. Once the family members are connected they will use this shared data as their own.
Family Picture Include a family photo that will be used in the Family Directory.
Families are shared If your Organization is utilizing multiple areas for their account your families will always be available regardless of the Area you are in.
Head of Household With the Head of Household permission your members can login to the member portal and make updates to their families information that will immediately take effect.
Staff Access Give staff and volunteers their own Usernames and Passwords to log in to We do not have a limit to the number of staff you can add!
Staff Permissions & Areas Limit staff to having access to only specific records or tabs. Assign view, edit, and delete privileges to keep them from making time consuming mistakes. If you have staff that need access to multiple Areas you can set their permissions specific to those Areas.
Background Checks Order background checks for staff and volunteers directly from their profiles and once the report is available it will be displayed on their profile
Online Directory From the Member Portal your members can view the online directory of other people in your Organization.
Member Portal Permissions Limit what information is viewable and editable within the Member Portal
Account Link Each Individual has a dynamic account link specific to them so that they can access the Member Portal for the first time and create a Username and Password for their account.
Schools & Churches Input a list of local schools and churches and attach people to them so that you can create reports or groups from that criteria.