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Groups are about bringing people together. With MinistryTracker you can create groups with little effort, and we have communicate drop-down menus throughout the software which allow you to make groups with a few clicks or taps. Using the Advanced Search you can even create groups based on specific criteria. We also have a few different types of groups that you can create.

Standard Groups

Standard Groups are designed so that the group members remain the same until you either add or remove members. This is perfect for small groups, bible studies, worship teams, volunteer groups, or any group or team you might have where the members of the group are not based on meeting a criteria but based on an interest or intent to be in a specific group.

Smart Groups℠

Smart Groups are created from an Advanced Search with specific criteria. This can be grade level, gender, and a multitude of other options. Once you have created a Smart Group individuals will be added and removed from the group automatically based on the original search criteria used to create the group.

Detailed Features Groups

Feature Description
Communication Quickly communicate with individuals or parents of individuals in a group
Smart Groups℠ Unique groups based on matching search results, and active querying to keep the groups up to date.
Group Directory Directories pertaining to specific individuals in a group
Mass Update Mass update allows you to update a group of peoples profile fields with new data.
Publicly Viewable Groups Share your groups via
Google Maps
TXT Group Add With a proTXT℠ subscription your members can TXT a keyword to add themselves to a group.
Filtering Groups can be used as a filter for taking attendance, creating mailing labels and many other things.