Tracking what Matters to You


Communication is key when it comes to maintaining relationships with your congregation. MinistryTracker has all the tools together in one easy place so that regardless of age or technical ability you can connect with your congregation. We provide message scheduling capability, advanced list and recipient group messages, and we make sure that if a member requests removal from messages it is taken care of efficiently and with little to no work on your part.


Email is by far the most popular way for Organizations to alert people to the goings on within your Organization. With MinistryTracker there is no additional charge to utilize the email system and there is no cap on the number of emails you can send or the number of recipients per message.

MinistryTracker offers a top of the line email system with 5 key features:

  1. Reliability - ability to get your messages to your members all the time, to avoid messages being flagged as spam or landing in their spam box.
  2. Tracking - ability to know who's received your messages, who's read them, and who has communicated they don't want to be on your list anymore.
  3. Logging - ability to see all the logs involved with a message so that errors or issues can be immediately addressed.
  4. Personalization - ability to personalize a message to individual members so that they feel connected to your ministry.
  5. Scheduling - ability to schedule a message for later delivery for reminders and announcements.


We offer some amazing TXT messaging services on the forefront of technology. Our most popular service by far is proTXT℠, with this service not only can you communicate with your congregation but they can TXT in for event attendance, event registration, you can conduct realtime live polling, and everything comes from your own 10 digit number so that people will recognize the number when they receive a message and they can even TXT back to your number!

*There is a one time number purchase and setup fee for proTXT℠ and a Monthly/Annual subscription to maintain the number. Each Message sent or received is 1.5¢ per recipient, or $1.50 per 100 recipients. TXT Credits are purchased in incremental blocks no smaller than 100 TXT Credits.

Unlimited TXT Messaging

With our unlimited TXT messaging you pay a monthly or annual fee for unlimited TXT messaging. The requirement for utilizing the service is that you know the carrier (i.e. Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, etc...) as well as the phone number for the recipient. All responses to your messages are sent to an email address designated when the message is sent.


The basic TXT plan included with every subscription is Pay-Per-TXT. This plan has the same requirements for sending a message as the Unlimited Plan however instead of paying an additional fee for the service you only pay for the messages you send.

*Cost is 2.5¢ per recipient or $2.50 per 100 recipients. TXT Credits are purchased in incremental blocks no smaller than 100 TXT Credits.

Voice Calling

Our Voice Call feature allows you to send a recorded call out to your whole congregation or a specific group at once, instead of individually. You can record your message right in our software or you can upload a file from your device. You can make a call from MinistryTracker outgoing phone number, validate your current phone number, or set up a new local number to make calls from.

*Cost is 8¢ per minute per recipient or $8 per 100 minutes. Call Credits are purchased in incremental blocks no smaller than 100 Call Credits. Subscribe to a calling plan and call credits can be as low as 5¢!

Detailed Features Communication

Communicate Drop Down Menu There are drop down menus throughout the software that allow you to send Email, TXT and Call individuals or parents of individuals in some case that are in a specific group, on an attendance list, or meet certain criteria in other reports.
Recipient Logs Easily review Recipient Logs for a particular message to see who was on the list to receive a message. For Emails, Calls and TXT messages sent from a proTXT℠ number you can see the delivery status of the message.
PlaceHolders Utilize placeholders in email messages to personalize the message for your recipients.
Spam Avoidance Making sure your messages are delivered is important. proTXT℠ allows us to use Spam Filter avoidance techniques like adding additional spaces or periods, RanDoM capitalization, and more to vary the character count and make your messages less likely to be filtered by the carriers.
Attachments Include up to 5 file attachments (9 MB combined file size) with your email.
Templates Save multiple email bodies as templates so that you can easily send a pre-formatted message if required.
HTML Emails Use the standard email editor, or upload your own HTML source for your emails.
Scheduled Messages and Calls You can schedule your Newsletters or Updates for a specific date and time. You can also cancel them before they are scheduled to be sent. *Scheduled TXT messages can be cancelled however the TXT Credits are Non-Refundable.
Message Preview Preview your messages before you send them to check for errors, and to review the recipient list to see who will and who will not receive your message and why.