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Why are so many Ministries choosing Ministry Tracker?

Because... Ministry Tracker helps simplify your churches administrative tasks so you can focus your energy on impacting the lives of people.


Organize detailed information for each individual in your ministry.


Create groups for easy tracking, communication and print directories.


Event registration, attendance tracking and a premier child check-in system.


Central hub for email, text messaging and phone calls.


Tools for budgets, reports, fundraising and online giving.

Experience The Power Of Ministry Tracker Today!

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Why Ministry Tracker?

  • Web-based software so there is nothing for you to download or install.  
  • Easily communicate with email, TXT or Phone message.
  • Real Time back up to our cloud servers with the highest levels of security.
  • Access from your mobile device all you need is a web browser and access to the internet.  
  • Administrators have complete control of what is viewed and who has access to information.
  • Church members can login from the members portal to update information or give online.
  • Online registration for events & attendance. 
  • Most affordable church software management system on the planet.
  • Unlimited FREE technical support.

Check Out These Powerful Features!


People are the heart beat of a ministry and they are the backbone of your database at Ministry Tracker.  We know it can be a challenge to manage your members, visitors, contact information and so many other details in the lives of people. That is why Ministry Tracker is so powerful, we make this simple for you.

Individual profiles in Ministry Tracker include details like contact information, birthday, prayer requests and so much more!  You can even customize your database if there are specific fields you would like to add.  

We also make it simple for you to manage volunteers.  With the click of a button you can order a background check and it will upload to that person's profile when it is completed.  


Families today face so many challenges and the Church has a vital role in helping them grow closer to God and to each other.  ​

Ministry Tracker makes it simple for families to update their profile information. They can also view upcoming events, register their kids for events, join groups, view directories and even set up online giving for their family.

Ministry Tracker will simply make your administrative tasks so much easier!


It is vital that people in a church get connected with each other. That is one reason why groups of people who create community are so powerful.

The group feature of Ministry Tracker allows you to create groups for fast tracking and communication. This can vary from small home groups to large groups. With a click of a button you can see the health of a group, and through the member portal individuals can even join groups.

Set up as many groups as you wish, the sky is the limit!


There is something so powerful that happens when people get together at events. But events can also create many challenges, especially if you are a church with a small number of staff or resources.

The Events feature of Ministry Tracker allows for online registration in advance as well as registration at the event. You can also run reports to see attendance and financial details.  First time attendees will be highlighted so you can send them a special welcome message.

Secure Child Check-In

​It's a sad reality, but in todays world we need to take steps to protect our little ones.  Parents count on you for that!  We also know that the check-in process needs to happen quickly.   

​Ministry Tracker was the pioneer in secure Child Check-In.  Our platform works seamlessly on all devices, whether it is a computer, a tablet or a mobile device.    


Churches today face so many challenges when it comes to money. That is one reason why stewardship and proper reporting is so important.  The financial feature of Ministry Tracker allows you to do budgeting, reporting, on-line giving and more! Create a budget to track income, expenses, pledges, & deposits.

Through the member portal individuals in your church can set up recurring financial gifts and see their giving history as well.  Ministry Tracker even gives you the ability to export financial reports to Microsoft Excel or Quickbooks. You can easily print year-end tax statements for your members.​​


Regular communication to members, guests, volunteers and the church as a whole is so vital. In todays fast-paced world this can seem daunting, but the team at Ministry Tracker has worked hard to simplify this for you. ​

We provide a central hub to easily connect via email, TXT or phone message. These tools are critical for the times when unexpected situations occur, such as bad weather and you need to quickly communicate schedule changes.  We make it simple for you to communicate with the whole church, groups within the church or even just an individual family or person.

Ministry Tracker is committed to the principles of good stewardship, which is why we have made our software so affordable.

Only $44.99 per month


$449.00 Annually

Affordable Mass texting & Phone messaging options​ also available.

What others are saying about Ministry Tracker:

  • "Thank you for always answering my questions... you guys are amazing!" 
  • "You guys are geniuses!!! I mean that.  Thank you for making administration super easy, and almost fun."
  • "You guys are fast... Wow awesome customer service!"
  • "Worth every penny!!!  Thank you!!!"
  • "We LOVE Ministry Tracker!  Thank you!"

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We Are Committed To Serving You!

You don’t need to worry about anything because we’re here for the long haul. Our top priority is to keep improving, innovating and providing more value for our Ministry Partners!


We know you face challenges from many sides.  Preparing to preach, counseling people, managing staff.  Ministry Tracker will give you a quick, high level view so you can stay focused on people. 

Youth Pastors

We thank God for Youth Pastors every day.  You have so many irons in the fire.  Ministry Tracker will streamline your admin tasks so you can report the information that is necessary for your Church's leadership.  

Children's Church Coordinators

You hold an incredible responsibility, taking care of our little ones.  Ministry Tracker provides a powerful and secure check-in process that will give you the peace of mind that every child is returned safely to their parents.

Church Administrators

You are the glue that keeps a church running smoothly, thank you!  Ministry Tracker will be your best friend because we will make your job more manageable, save you time and give you the confidence that all of the details are handled.

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  • q-iconDoes Ministry Tracker work on a mobile device?

    Yes! Everything is web-based so it works on any kind of operating system, including mobile!

  • q-iconDo you offer technical support?

    Absolutely!  It is 100% FREE and its our privilege to serve and help you, our Ministry Partners.

  • q-iconIs There Any Software To Download?

    No. Nothing inside of Ministry Tracker needs to be downloaded or updated on your part. We take care of everything for you!

  • q-iconCan I Get A Deal On The Monthly Membership?

    You bet! If you want to save money we’ve created a yearly plan which saves you money when you decide to pay yearly.

  • q-iconDo I have to worry about security?  

    Nope! We’ve got you covered there as well. We host everything for you on a powerful dedicated server which has a 100% up-time guarantee so you can be confident everything will run smoothly all the time.

  • q-iconIs there a contract?

    Nope!  If you choose the monthly plan you can cancel at any time.... But don't worry, you will love Ministry Tracker :)  

  • q-iconCan I import data?

    Absolutely!!!  We offer a very inexpensive import option where we handle it for you.  

  • q-iconWhat happens once I start with Ministry Tracker?

    Simply schedule a training session with one of our awesome Support Members and they will walk you through getting your system set up!

Get Your 7 Day Risk Free Trial Now
Call us if you have any questions... 360-450-3542